You may know my friend, Mark Levy, or you may not, but you are likely familiar with some of his accomplishments. For example, if you’ve heard of Simon Sinek of Start with Why fame. Mark helped him find his why. Mark is a differentiation expert, helping entrepreneurs and organizations to find their unique offering, the one they are known for. Or, perhaps you attended Chamber Magic, the most popular magic show in New York City garnering more approval than Hamilton on Trip Advisor. He’s an interesting guy.

He’s also my partner on my new vlog and podcast, Planet of the Associations. Sounds like it’s all about associations, but Mark and I are riffing on all sorts of topics. In fact, we have purposefully decided to roam the periphery, wandering the outlands looking for innovation. Together we are exploring magic, origami, cosmology, the prevalence of rectangles in contemporary society, mathematics, antique furniture, elevator speeches, immersive 3D technology, Victor Frankel, and other topics.

It’s a ton of fun. We riff without a script and draw on our varied life experiences to imagine how the association of the near future — three years from now — will be different from the association of today. Come and check us out! Even if you are not in the association world, you may find it entertaining the next time you hop on your assault bike (I have one – do you have one?) or other gym equipment. Here are some of the links:

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I look forward to seeing you out there on the margins! Where will you be going for innovation this week?

“Minority art, vernacular art, is marginal art. Only on the margins does growth occur.”- Joanna Russ