We know that if we use a device that measures waves to detect light, we find light to be a wave. And if we use a device that measures particles for the same task, we detect light to be made up of particles. So, we can see that the apparatus we use to detect has great influence on what we find. The same can be said of our mental state.

If you look at your situation when you are down, depressed, pessimistic, you will easily see how things are falling apart, how your hopes and dreams are being battered and beaten. But, if you look at your circumstances when you are upbeat, hopeful and inspired, you can see all the possibilities that with a little help from you can turn into achievements. In this case your mental state is your sensing tool.

Although the state of your mind does not ensure the quality of your execution, it does heavily influence your perception of the challenges and opportunities before you. So does the mental state of your family when thinking together about a big goal (that trip to Africa, or shooting for a special college, or overcoming a challenge in your family dynamic). And so does the state of your team at work, when taking on big goals.

So put in the extra effort to lift your state before taking on important planning sessions; plug into the sky! I love to work out just before such a session because I always feel great after a trip to the gym. What sets you in the right frame of mind? Make time for it this week, and enjoy the results.

“There are no secrets to success. It is the result of preparation, hard work, and learning from failure.”
-Colin Powell