A special thank you and shout out to Henry Chamberlain, CEO of the Building Owners and Managers Association International for his willingness to let me draw from our experience as we prepared for a portfolio review, including the potential of sunsetting existing programs. Portfolio evaluation is always a challenging exercise. BOMA’s new strategic plan demands it, as staff must find the way forward for new value generation.

Thanks to work done together with Henry, his senior volunteer leaders, and senior leadership team, valuable lessons were learned. I share them here.

Through this exercise with BOMA, we learned four things:

  1. When evaluating your portfolio, you must consider three questions
    • What goes into the work?
    • What is the return?
    • What is the opportunity?
  2. You must unbundle the buckets of and look at all the moving parts individually.
  3. Examine items through the eyes of the various benefactors, including members, associate members, vendors, and other stakeholder groups.
  4. Recognize that all the pieces are connected and part of the system and we must understand the impact changing one program may have on another.

What Henry and I have yet to answer is how do we prioritize when the ROI is high on too many items? I’d love to hear your thoughts. Share them below or send me an email.