Recently I have been exploring what it takes to excel at life. In particular, I have come across the notion of “radical self-care.” This is the idea that caring for yourself is a profound activity that improves every aspect of the one great instrument at your disposal: yourself.

We know from the study of change that all transformation begins with yourself. To increase your leadership capacity, you start with yourself.

Your body-mind is both your greatest receptor and your most powerful influencing tool.

You apprehend the world through your senses and interpret what you receive with your mind. To the extent you are aware and sensitive you pick up more from the environment. You do a better job of integrating and understanding when you are in great shape.

Similarly, when you want to influence others you make use of what you detect while you are communicating. By caring for yourself you increase your clarity and receptivity.

So, self-care develops your greatest instrument and that is precisely why it is radical.

Here’s an example of self-care in action. I am completing five business trips over 13 days, flying over Canada on my way to Quebec City as I write. It could be an exhausting schedule and it certainly takes its toll. But last night I attended one of my wife’s performances (if you don’t know her work, check out – that’s a photo of last night above!). It gave me so much pleasure to be in her audience that I awoke today renewed and ready to fly!

What kind of self-care would best serve you this week? Yoga, meditation, walk in the woods, swimming, exercise, time with loved ones, a special meal? You get to decide!

“Put YOUR oxygen mask on first.”
– airline stewards across the planet