There are two groups of people who are in a position to best amplify a CEOs’ leadership; or, if not working well together, can inhibit a CEOs’ effectiveness. One is the executive team, and the other is the board of directors. Executive team performance is critical.

I have worked extensively to help executive teams communicate with each other more clearly, put their cards on the table around the toughest issues, and work together to find solutions. During my work, I have learned that communication needs to be transparent and deal with the tough issues as well as the exciting ones. A good friend of mine, communications expert, Stephen Gaffney, is fond of saying, it’s not what people are saying that holds them back, it’s what they’re not saying. And I’m a firm believer in this.

At the suggestion Chris McEntee, CEO of the American Geophysical Union, I started the Visionary Leadership Academy (VLA). Chris belonged to my CEO community and wanted her second-tier executives to benefit from the same learnings. The Visionary Leadership Academy takes place on March 10, 2020, and will focus on issues like how to achieve enterprise-level results and how to increase your performance as an executive. The Academy will also include a panel of VLA alums who are now CEOs. The group will share their journey from an executive to becoming CEO of an association. You can learn more about the VLA here.