blind spots

When I led a leadership development retreat for America’s National Parks’ superintendents, we convened in New Mexico. At one point, we walked together through Bandolier National Monument. Along the way, several of the park superintendents picked up dime-sized ceramic chips, thousands of years old, and educated me about the information found on the chips, including a full fingerprint left by a human, eons ago.

What most amazed me about the chips was how I could not see them until the park superintendents produced them. Why? The park superintendents had the experience that made it possible to see things I could not.

As our country confronts systemic racism, we must bring in leaders who can see what we not cannot; this is a call to action for associations everywhere. Take a look at your executive committee, the board of directors, and all of your volunteer leaders. Do you have the representation required to see what needs to change?

It’s time to reexamine the basic but fundamental aspects of your organization in light of the pandemic, the economic and supply chain disruption, and racial injustices that exist in our society. For more information, check out the Coronavirus Playbook on my resources page,