There’s so much that can be done in a minute or so to re-energize. Here it is Monday morning and I’ll soon be having my favorite cup of coffee with my wife, a daily pleasure. We love New Mexico Piñon Coffee. Usually, but not always, I also have time for a morning 20-minute meditation that puts me in a great state for the rest of the day.

Last week I took my dog, Sita, and went up to Manhattan to pick up my son. Gabe. We headed out to Harriman State Park, the second largest state park in New York. It’s just 45 minutes from Central Park in the city. We hiked straight up a steep mountain face at Harriman and enjoyed about 6 hours of conversation on the trail and a nice spot we found to settle in. There was nobody else in the park, so we had the park to ourselves, which made for a great time. From the top of one of the mountains, you could see New York City – that’s the photo above. Less than an hour away!

You never know how close a little recharge is. A phone call with someone you love. A daily ritual that helps you orient for bigger things.

What can you do today to give you a blast of revitalization? Regular feeding at the Source will serve you well over the long haul.

“Veil after veil of thin dusky gauze is lifted, and by degrees the forms and colours of things are restored to them, and we watch the dawn remaking the world in its antique pattern.”
― Oscar Wilde