When we get hit with a really big opportunity or a really big challenge, it can be hard to adapt, step up and do the right thing. That’s where resilience comes in. It provides the base that makes it possible to take on what life gives us and make the best of it.

It’s the little day-to-day actions that fortify our soul, building the foundation that provides stability and support so that we can handle dramatic shifts in our daily life. And, even better, these little practices can fill your life with the joy, satisfaction, and peace that makes life worth living moment-to-moment.

Next time something good comes your way, take the time to absorb it, relish it. An extra 20 seconds can make a huge difference. Just notice when you are getting that internal burst of good vibes and allow them a moment to take root in your mind. Whether it’s something simple, like the first flower that pops up on your way to work, or a great morning cup of coffee, you can expand the experience just by noticing it. Do this regularly and you’ll find your day populated with little gems that add up over time and provide you with regular doses of inner joy.

You can be proactive by creating your own good times. I made some cranberry-raisin-walnut rugelach over the weekend (see the photo above), and sent off a small batch to my sisters because I know they like it, too. That involved putting a few in plastic ware and writing a card – not much more. It’s a little thing, but it brought me some immediate happiness to think of them and take the time to say something nice. There will probably be an additional payoff when I get a text message or phone call thanking me. The real joy for me is the heartfelt connection that comes from the connection we share.

What might you do this week to relish a little goodness in your life, or bring some sunshine to someone else?

“Love is that condition in which the happiness of another person is essential to your own.”

― Robert A. Heinlein