Gabe shootsMy son, Gabe, has got the photo bug. Last week he bought a new digital camera that does just about everything imaginable.

Saturday he and I went out on the road for a full day of picture taking. He took pictures of plants, buildings, and people. I started by taking pictures of him.

Then I began looking at trees, abandoned structures, and city colors myself. Soon everywhere I went I was seeing the world, really looking at it. Gabe said to me, “Photographers don’t take pictures. They make them.” He talked to me about how one might wait for hours for a particular image to coalesce before snapping the shutter.

As I walked around looking at color juxtapositions and thinking wabi-sabi, I found myself entering a world where impermanence, leaving trails of rust and faded paint chips, was met by the bursts of green fresh weeds display in sunlight.

The new pursuit opened up my mind to new stimulation and made my world new again. Where will you come alive in the week ahead and what will you pursue to make it happen?

In photography there is a reality so subtle that it becomes more real than reality.

 – Alfred Stieglitz