Ruchi's pancakeLast
night my daughter, Ruchi, made her first batch of pancakes. But, it
wasn’t just her first set of pancakes, it was the first meal that she
cooked beginning to end without an adult hand in the mix.

I was close by to make sure the gas burner was handled correctly and
the oil in the pan didn’t cause any damage.  Other than that, she
mixed the ingredients, poured the batter, flipped the cakes (that was
her favorite part), and served them up.  She was very proud – her
first dinner!

So, of course, we made a little fuss about it. Took her picture with
the pancakes and told her how proud we were.

Earlier in the week I travelled to Tampa for a
meeting with one of the three Boards I serve on, the Council of Better
Business Bureaus.  There I was fortunate enough to participate in
their first pizza team-building exercise!

Now, that may sound pretty silly, but it was a smash success! We had 6
teams competing with build-your-own pizzas, supported in the kitchen by
the Sheraton’s chef and staff. The pizza I ate (ate, not made) was one
of the best I ever had: garlic, chili peppers, goat cheese, and bacon!

The best part by far was the camaraderie that emerged. This light
exercise transformed the group in just about an hour and prepared us
for another day of hard work with fun memories and better bonds. When
the pies were ready we celebrated with a short toast and our
hard-earned meal.

Celebration is a great thing in life, whether a lifetime milestone or a
bit of fun at a gathering If you catch a special moment, take 2 minutes
and acknowledge it explicitly. Sometimes that is all it takes to enjoy
the sweetness of life.

The more you praise and celebrate your
life, the more there is in life to celebrate.

Oprah Winfrey