All of us know people that are making the world a
better place. Don’t take them for granted. Reach out and show them how
important they are to you. Lend them your love and resources. Lift them
up. Be their follower.

I recently re-watched Derek Sivers’ 3 minute TED talk about how to start
a movement. His surprise message: it’s not the crazy one who initiates
a bold project that is the most important person in a movement. It’s
the first follower. This is
the person that transforms someone with a bold, creative idea into a
leader. Because without a follower, they are just out there on their

So, says Derek, if you really want to make a difference in the world
find someone bold you want to support and give them your love, energy,
and resources.

One of those creative people closest to heart is my wife, Laura Baron,
who writes and performs beautiful music. This month she releases her
next CD, Heart of the Great Unknown,
after the title track which describes our journey
to India where we adopted our daughter, Ruchi. 

November 16 will be her CD release
in McLean, Virginia. If you are up for it, join me (and be
sure to let me know so I can look for you). Below is the poster for her

Express your support this week; lift someone up you believe in. It does
more than help them. By virtue of your belief in them, your own
foundation will be fortified. It is a wonderful and marvelous thing.

Heart of the Great Unknown concert

Everybody believes
in something. And everybody, by virtue of the fact that they believe in
something, uses that something to support their own existence.

– Frank Zappa