Twin Clutch Transmission: In the world of racecars, dual clutch transmissions have been a staple for years. In production vehicles it remains a relatively new technology. Ford plans to add one such transmission to its North American lineup in 2010, offering its customers the convenience of an automatic but with the great fuel efficiency of a manual transmission. (01/21/09)[/caption]

I had an amazing holiday. Lots of family and friends in just the right dosage. Not too much. Not too little. I rested a lot. My client demand dipped and my engagements increased. For someone who is self-employed, this is the perfect combination because it means there was not a lot to do over the holiday period, but I had a ton of work lined up afterward; hence, I could really relax. And I did.

The year started off with a bang. A busy week that began January 2 and another in the week ahead. So, it’s time to shift gears from hibernation to being out and about in the world. I can feel the draw of deep sleep and don’t want to lose all the energy I have recouped over the time off.

What I need is a clutch. When I first learned to drive I learned how to drive a manual shift. When ramping up speed I took the gear I was in to a high level of rotations, and then disengaged the clutch so I could reengage a new, more powerful gear. This activity was key to successfully driving my little Volkswagen. It took me awhile, but soon it became second nature. It was how I got up speed. And so, here I am looking for a clutch in real life.

I have a clutch that work well for me: my meditation practice. I choose mindfulness because it starts by accepting me where I am and does not try to make me anything. It does not try to make me peaceful or resilient. Those are natural products of being one with where I am now, which could be agitated, nervous, anxious, afraid just as easily as calm, equanimous, confident.

Every morning I find at least 10 minutes and up to 20 minutes to engage in mindfulness. It helps me to switch gears. My clutch is doing its job.

Look out world; here I come!!

If we each take responsibility in shifting our own behavior, we can trigger the type of change that is necessary to achieve sustainability for our race or this planet.
– Yehuda Berg