Neah BayMy son, Gabe, and I are in the Pacific Northwest for our annual father-son trip. We will drive down to San Francisco by the end of the week. We are visiting a couple of colleges on the way.

Today we were in practically the most northwestern part of the continental United States. There we spent time on the Makah Indian Reservation, Neah Bay.

We found Take Home Fish Co, a small shack made of plywood and aluminum that housed a drum stove and its owner, who was smoking Coho salmon just as we walked in.


He handed us freshly smoked salmon. It was delicious.

Sometimes a simple event can have a straightforward impact without being glamorous, luxurious or overdone. Eating freshly smoked salmon in the Pacifiic NorthWest is natural, but its simplicity belies its powerful impact.

What might you do this week that is very special, mundane, yet impactful?

Creativity is piercing the mundane to find the marvelous.

– Bill Moyers