The Future of Meetings

Many of my clients are involved in creating tomorrow’s meetings, and I serve on several task forces to design them. As we plan future events, we must remember the goal of meetings – to bring people together and make it possible to generate, develop and disseminate knowledge while we create sessions that speak to the human need to connect and collaborate.

We must also consider emerging technology trends that will impact how humans live and work in the near future: artificial intelligence, blockchain, the Internet of Things, and extended reality may be the most widely known. We should also consider hyper-automation (automating everything) and open-source datasets (making data research available for repurposing and using other types of study).

One of the most significant technological trends already to reach our world is the metaverse – artificially constructed universes where people now live, work and do business. Millions and millions of people are involved. More people participate in the metaverse than practically any other activity on the planet right now. Some people are making fortunes in the metaverse even now.

Is your meeting considering these technology trends? Are you exploring the implications? If not, you’ll be left behind, creating a model based on what’s taking place in 2021 and not what will occur in 2025.

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