Every summer I wait for the lightning bugs. They have arrived in DC.

When I was a kid I loved them so much, their brightly glowing lower abdomens filling the evening air with thousands of swirling lights. Glowworms. Fireflies. Their colors range from yellow to green to light red. They seemed magical to my young mind and still do today even though I am decades older.

I was watching a documentary on Lead Belly yesterday, the African American blues and folk musician, singer, composer, and songwriter who wrote so many of our classics (House of the Rising Sun, Goodnight Irene, and others). During one of his prison terms, he met John Lomax, the musicologist, who was navigating the prison system to record musicians serving time. Lomax needed help unloading his recording equipment, which weighed in excess of 300 pounds! Equipment today with much greater fidelity and millions of times the storage could fit in my shirt pocket and easily weigh less than a pound. Science!

Fascination with Nature and science often generates a feeling of awe in me. So much of what I take for granted (eg, the computer chips that ensure our car engines run smoothly, the quick response time of my smartphone when I have a good connection) has come to fruition in just the last few years. And there’s more on the way!

What miracles are you grateful for?

“Out of difficulties grow miracles.” – Jean de la Bruyere