Tonight (Sunday) I head out to Positano’s, a classic Italian restaurant near my house, to celebrate the birth of two works of art. The first is my wife’s new EP, Long Road Home, five songs she just produced in the studio with the help of the Arts & Humanities council of Montgomery County. And the second is my latest book, Visionary Leadership. There will be a great crowd of friends and colleagues who have gathered to celebrate with us and no doubt it will be a grand time.

But, I have discovered a personal secret: life’s magic – for me – is in the little moments, not the big ones. Yes, big moments can change history, and that is a good thing. And they are the source of celebrations, a wonderful element of life. But, my deep and abiding happiness prospers in the mundane.

Almost every day that we are both at home, my wife and I share coffee in the morning. That picture above is our deck where we enjoyed the breeze today, and the flowers. We talked about our dreams (literally, from last night’s sleep), the tasks in the day ahead, and took time to express gratitude for all that we have. This is what I am talking about when I refer to little moments.

My daughter, Ruchi, likes to do errands with me. She climbs in the passenger seat when I am headed out to the grocery store or the barber shop, and puts her favorite Bollywood songs on the sound system. We travel around, all short distances, and talk about our lives. Nothing too big. I am probably making sure she is wearing her braces and she likes to give me a hard time about… well, anything; she is sixteen after all. But, those little drives are at the top of my list when it comes to life satisfaction.

Where might you find a special joy with someone you love or indulge in a personal treat this week?

“Even just a few spices or ethnic condiments that you can keep in your pantry can turn your mundane dishes into a culinary masterpiece.”
Marcus Samuelsson