I am working with a number of clients now on turning their executive teams into powerful forces for change. I see these executives as superheroes, with amazing acumen and deep experience. It’s my job to turn them in to the Justice League, wielding unbeatable collective force.

Here are the six competencies I developed to help these groups achieve more than they think possible:

  1. Reflexively Step Up into Big Challenges
    Reflexive means they don’t think about it; they just do it. When a big logjam or a seemingly insurmountable obstacle appears, they step up. Ready to engage, they work effectively to find and implement solutions.
  2. Drive Results
    This is one of those attributes that is easier said than done. Most teams need to be taught how to (a) create pressure for their subordinates, the kind of pressure that causes people to act, to feel the need to improve their situation, and then (b) liberate their reports to take constructive action. This means they may need to provide guidance on the way forward, sometimes even initial hand holding until people are producing results on their own.
  3. Systematically Respond with Speed and Quality
    It’s tempting to think speed and quality trade off with each other, but the truth is that powerful leaders know how to do both at the same time. This comes by building executive firepower, the ability to to push toward a goal and do it with intensive strength and clarity of purpose.
  4. Proactive Opportunism
    Seeking out opportunities aggressively, turning over apparent stones looking for treasure, is a great skill for every leader. It comes from seeking, searching and knowing the tell-tale signs of favorable circumstances.
  5. Expertly Communicate across Variety of Stakeholders
    Every unique group has their own perspective, issues and concerns. Good leaders know how to find out what they are in advance and speak to them with conviction and support. Talking to the board is different from talking to the public, or clients, or members, or… Each group requires a different frame.
  6. Self-reflective Transformation
    Nothing beats a leader who knows how to find their own limitations and systematically exceed them. This is what it takes to become world-class in any area.

My work with executive teams teaches leaders how to embody these skills individually and collectively.
When it all comes together, the sky is the limit!

Happiness lies in the joy of achievement and the thrill of creative effort.

– Franklin Roosevelt