My wife is an extraordinary performer, singer, and songwriter. You can check out her music here: Living around music, having her in our home and going to her events has made live music a massive part of my life. I’ve learned that live music has the power to bring healing and reconciliation and to cross boundaries by bringing people together. A beautiful song touches the heart and awakens, in everyone present, a shared experience. 

One of the reasons why I love to work for associations is because they bring so many different types of people together. I have discovered that by focusing on shared value and identifying a common agenda, you can bring very different groups of people together to work towards a common aim. In my work with Grand Challenges, we establish shared value among partners, allowing us to bring together constellations of organizations. 
When associations convene their annual conference or their board of directors, they always have a continuum of people represented with many different perspectives and agendas. But the magic of associations is the ability to articulate what everybody wants. It’s that ability to identify the locus of shared value that not only brings people and organizations together, but makes it possible for them to work together to create results, and results are the ultimate organizer. It’s through that heart-centered leadership that we can convene people who see the world very differently and bring them together to a common cause.