stevieInterplanetary travel could be a step closer after scientists confirmed that an electromagnetic propulsion drive, which is fast enough to get to the Moon in four hours, actually works.

The FDA is approving 3D printed spinal implants. Last week OPM announced the first ever, and currently only, 3D printed polymer, load-bearing device for implantation received FDA clearance.

Startup Flirtey has teamed up with NASA to conduct an FAA approved exercise to deliver medication by drone to rural folk who ordinarily wait days for their prescriptions. Now they will be filled in just 30 minutes.

The pace of technological breakthroughs is speeding up. But, is there a corresponding  breakthrough when it comes to how you are thinking about what is possible? Do you know what technologies and capaibilities you will be able to rely on in a year, a few months or even tomorrow?

How do we live in a world when miracles occur daily, sometimes coming to us out of the periphery without warning? By being willing to set a new standard, expecting to raise the bar, taking the initiative to lead. Today is your day. This week is your week. This is the moment and you are the agent. Step up!

There are only two ways to live your life. One is as though nothing is a miracle. The other is as though everything is a miracle.

– Albert Einstein