Welcome to the week between Christmas and New Year’s, one of my favorite spans of time. Things tend to slow a bit now as many people take vacations and activity subsides. Just seven days ahead is the first day of a new year. This is the end of the annum behind us. So much can still happen, but in the grand scheme this is the conclusion of a cycle, the perfect time for reflection.

I take on a mindset of love, appreciation, and curiosity as I enter eagerly into this week. I love the opportunity to look back and ask, What went right? What did I learn? What can I build on? This mindset is most important to me. It is the foundation for a whole new world.

Then I begin my practices:
* I sit. I settle. 20 minutes of quiet time mediation. I do these daily, usually in the early morning hours before things start to stir in my house. Sometimes, too, before dinner, when I am still fully alert and can appreciate the power of being calm once again.
* I look back on the last year, intuitively, to see what I remember without any systematic assistance. I ask myself, What special achievement, progress of the heart have I experienced or generated since last winter?
* I write, mostly in my journal. But, I also write little cards and send them to people I feel deeply appreciative of. In my journal I make the notes a future Seth will ponder. I am assembling the building blocks that will be use to begin the creation of another year, to lay upon my foundation of affection, gratitude and inquisitiveness.
* I peruse my calendar, going back over the dates and appointments. I pick out the remarkable. Sometimes there are traumas or losses, and I take them deep into my heart, asking how i can untie the knots in my soul to be free again, to ready myself for the winter ahead: the newness of a great cycle. And, of course, I cherish the celebrations, the high points, the moments of great joy.

Perhaps there are reflections this week you can choose as raw materials for your next creation. Take some time to reflect in the company of a loved one, yourself.

In silence and movement you can show the reflection of people.
– Marcel Marceau