Today is the last day of the year and tomorrow is
the first. We are truly on the cusp of a new annum.

While many will be stocking up on beer, wine, and other goodies to
celebrate the big night, there is a bit of magic you can yet work
before it is time to run out of the starting gate: take time to do an
inventory of 2012’s successes and the opportunities they place before

It’s customary to party and there’s no harm in taking joy. But, there
is also an edge to be had for anyone who takes the time to reflect and
prepare. The end of the calendar year is a perfect time.  Sit down
with a pen and pad, or keyboard, and answer these questions:

1. What went extraordinarily well over the last 12 months? What have
been your exceptional wins?
2. Where are you positioned for your biggest gains in the year ahead,
and in the next 90 days?
3. What can be done to move forward and realize the most important

Simply answer those three questions and you have done more than most
and quite possibly put yourself in the best possible position to start

Thanks for joining me. Wishing you all the best
for getting ahead, innovation that gets results, and the good life – in
other words, another year of Mojo!