2013 to 2014Every December this is what I do:

  1. I review my personal calendar.
    Because I keep every appointment electronically, it’s as simple as
    opening up my laptop. I take an hour and I scan every month, and make
    notes in my journal about
    • what went really well
    • what I loved the most
    • what I would like to do better with in the
      year ahead.

  2. I review my work engagements.
    I take a look at two email folders: Events and Clients. These two give
    me a great high-level overview of my work for the year. I go through
    them quickly, but take the time to dive down and read more thoroughly where I want to. Again, I take
    notes. I jot down:
    • what I am especially proud of
    • who I love working with
    • ideas I have for making next year an even
      better one.

These two activities take me only 2-3 hours and they give me a great
review of the year. Then I am both inspired and ready to set goals for
2014. These are not New Year’s resolutions. They are aspirations: what
I hope for, shooting for the moon!

Celebrate what you
want to see more of.

– Tom Peters