trash couchMy wife, Laura, wanted to get rid of that red
couch for some time. The deal was finally sealed when my German
Shepherd puppy, Sita, chewed a big hole right in the front. In the
picture you can see the hole just under Sita’s front paw.

The pup (now 106#) was teething and though we did our best with rawhide
and crating, she found her way to a few pieces of furniture before we
were able to stop her. The couch was one of the casualties.

Gabe, my son, and Sita enjoyed the couch one last time before it went
to the dump last week. It was
very comfortable.

After Sita’s hole first appeared we purchased a throw and covered the
sofa. That bought an extra eight months of use.  Laura waited
until the magic day arrived when the pup stopped chewing our furniture.

Sita finally curbed her uncontrollable chomping and now consistently
channels her urge into allowable activities with blessed bones and
toys. So, it was time to get that couch out of the house and clear the
way for a new living room decor! Last Monday we hauled it onto the curb
so the garbage men could cart it away.

What natural transitions are coming up for you this week?  Where
has the old finally outstayed its welcome and conditions are ripe for a
new stage? Now is the time!

The early bird
gets the worm, but the second mouse gets the cheese.

– Willy Nelson