USS EnterpriseStar Trek was an experiment when it first appeared on
TV. The show was initiated in the 1960s predicting, among many other
things, a
future in which people of different races worked together in harmony.

This came at a time
when civil rights were tearing the country apart. It was a bold move.
When all was said and done, the original show did not last long.

It was taken off the air because of the relatively small number of
viewers, seemingly an unjustifiable investment. 
What the network analysts could not have known was that those viewers
represented a
demographic that would have a disproportionately large influence on the
future. They were well-educated, interested in far out ideas especially
in the
areas of innovation, science, computers, and social experiments.

Many of the ideas introduced in this fictional foray have been
developed and some of the most extreme are now real works in progress.
For example,

January 23, 2009, Science magazine reported a team
from the University of Maryland achieved quantum teleportation.

February 26, 2011, New Scientist magazine
published an article on a smart phone app that detects cancer – it
looks a lot like the handheld device used on Star Trek to scan for
health issues.

Imagine if the network heads had understood and played to their
audience, recognizing them for the leverage they were. What would have
been the impact of garnering the interests of this particularly
powerful population?

Are you missing the boat when it comes to recognizing the future as it
emerges within your organization? Do you have mechanisms for letting
great ideas inside your doors without stomping them out like the
network heads did unwittingly? 

A number of my current clients are building internal laboratories and
incubators – places where the future can be explored. When a good model
sprouts, it can even take root and mature.

Business incubators accelerate successful development of
entrepreneurial ideas through an amalgam of business infrastructure,
people, and services, developed and orchestrated by internal thought
leaders with an eye towards future leadership.

Helpful resources are provided internally as well as through a network
of contacts outside the organization that can even include competitors
under the right circumstances.

Incubation is all about providing what is necessary for a fledgling
idea to survive when an otherwise neutral or hostile environment will
kill it off in the early stages.  It is not the same thing as
R&D (research and development). Incubation provides a friendly
environment for a nascent business model to emerge and mature to the
point where it can sustain itself, generate revenue, profit, and value
in the marketplace.

Incubators make it possible for organizations to get a toehold on the
future. But they do not occur unless leaders have the vision and
dedicate the resources. It takes people in charge who are set on boldly
going where no one has gone before… like Star Trek did in the ’60s.


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