My good friend Sarah White helped me with my business bestsellers – she is an editor, writer and all-services-needed when it comes to books. She is also the creator and editor of True Stories Well Told, an online home for people who write and read about real life. I have been a fan of hers for a long time, but recently had the opportunity to publish.

My father is nearing the end of his days, and I went to visit him recently. As you can imagine it brought up all kinds of feelings for me, and not in a tidy way. I wrote a little entry on Facebook, which received a powerful response and so I decided to turn it into a longer piece. Writing down my feelings was therapeutic. It helped me to name the mix of thoughts and feelings in a way that I found gratifying. It did not inappropriately simplify or seek resolution, but instead gave me the chance to look at my relationship with him using a new (for me) and profound tool, autobiographical narrative. If you would like to read my writing, please see His Hand on My Arm, which Sarah helped by reviewing and suggesting changes that focused the piece and helped me get to the essence of what I was trying to say. Thank you, Sarah.

I recommend writing about those aspects of your life that you are sorting through. There is nothing quite like it. It can bring a sense of personal due diligence to areas that would otherwise be all too easy to avoid. And it also brings some welcome relief, as if the internal energy that was caught or trapped is somehow freed. It’s hard for me to say how welcome that relief is, but I bet you can imagine. We all have luggage we are carrying around with us. This is a handy way to put a bag or two down.

What entanglement might you untie this week for the benefit of yourself, creating both energy and clarity?

“I am writing an unauthorized autobiography.”
-Steven Wright