RuchiAndSitaWhen my son, Gabe, was a tiny tot I used to take him
into the woods and ask him to listen
to the tao
. That was my way to listen through his ears.

I would ask, What do you hear?
I never knew what he would say. Birds. Wind. Trees.

Here’s a picture of my daughter, Ruchi, and our dog, Sita, playing in
the woods
at Scotts Run, a nature preserve in Northern Virginia.  This was
morning before her most recent birthday party. The three of us headed
in for some inner sustenance courtesy of Mother Nature.

When I need some insight I often listen to my children. They see things
I don’t. They have ways of looking at the world that I need. I might
ask the questions, but I get to listen to their answers.  Where do
go for your answers to your questions?

The most beautiful
thing we can experience is the mysterious. It is the source of all true
art and science.

– Albert Einstein