My next book will be a handbook on Grand Challenges for leaders of all stripes.


A Grand Challenge is a bold, socially beneficial goal that successfully addresses a systemic and embedded problem through collaboration and joint leadership. It generates new stakeholders and powerful resources for any organization—knowledge, work, support, enthusiasm, time, and money. Grand Challenges are opportunities for change, for healing, and even for economic growth.

In addition to the chapters of the book, I will be writing up stories about the awesomely cool leaders I have already begun to meet and their equally cool accomplishments.

If you would like to read the sections of my upcoming book as they come out and the accompanying stories, I will be adding them to a blog where you can comment: Each section of the book is about 1200 words, so they are very snackable.  If you want to watch the book unfold over the next few months and provide an occasional comment or other kind of feedback, reply to this and I will notify you when the first section goes out later this week.

Here’s an excerpt from the intro:

When we take a look at the biggest problems humanity faces today—climate change, poverty, homelessness, infectious disease, food and water shortage, global conflict and refugees—it can feel overwhelming. But the truth is that we already have everything we need to reset the clock on the majority of these concerns, slowing them down dramatically and perhaps correcting them altogether. We have the intelligence, the creativity, the science, and the technology—or the capacity to build it. What we need before we can begin is not endorsement and not funding, but collaboration. We need the passion, the motivation, and the will to come together across sectors—government and private sector, non-profit and community—to share information, resources, and hope. We need the impetus to believe in impossible things, so that we can go out into the world and make them a reality.

Consider joining me in this effort. I would love the chance to share my ideas with you before the book comes out and hear from you in response. Please feel free to pass this along to anyone you know who might be interested.  The more the merrier!

You can work on the saxophone alone, but ultimately you must perform with others.

– Steve Lacy