Wilderness Week

When you read this, Kaya, my canine companion, and I are deep off the grid in the Great Northeast for a week of Nature. No connectivity. Forest, river, sky, trees, dirt… magic all around.

Kaya is being fitted for Sita’s dog pack above. That’s a week ago when I wrote this. Sita and I appear in the same neck of the woods where Kaya and I will be camping. Sita was a much bigger dog at 110# and Kaya just 50. Nonetheless, the pack can be adjusted and fits Kaya fine. I am taking Sita’s pack in part to remember her spirit and the many wilderness trips we took. She will be with us in more ways than one.

I go into the woods every summer around this time for a good, long stretch. It gives me time to fully decompress and get enough distance from my life that I can make essential changes and validate my course. No roles: no father, no husband, no consultant, no neighbor… no roles, and I find my essence once again within nature.

I prefer early August because there is a short window when the mountain runoff that forms the small river I am near is warm enough that I can go swimming in it.

As I wrote above, I penned this a week ago… Some rain is predicted, so I’ll be packing in rain clothes for the two of us as well as a collection of tarps to create a dry zone where I can hang out, cook, meditate, and enjoy my time off the grid with Kaya.

When do you do a deep recharge? Do you need to make any plans for it this week?

“The care of the Earth is our most ancient and most worthy, and after all our most pleasing responsibility.”
– Wendell Berry

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