Clinton and DiamandisPeter Diamandis, founder of the XPrize and author of
Abundance: The
Future is Better than You Think
was recently interviewed by
President Clinton at the Clinton Global Initiative.  Click on the
photo at the right to see a12 minute clip.

By creating and managing large-scale competitions to benefit humanity,
the XPrize has become the global leader in crowd-sourcing innovation to
solve the world’s grandest challenges. The competitions use clear,
measurable objectives in combination with very large prize incentives
to entice the world’s innovators and entrepreneurs to compete to
achieve those goals. They target market failures to define objectives
and then offer prize money to anyone who can solve them. Exploration,
genomics, poverty, bionics, cures, energy, and water are among the
target areas.

Just one week ago, the latest Xprize was announced:
global learning“A
$15 million global competition to empower children to take control of
their own learning.  “The Global Learning XPRIZE challenges teams
from around the world to develop open source and scalable software that
will enable children in developing countries to teach themselves basic
reading, writing and arithmetic, empowering them to take control of
their own learning and ultimately their future. Our goal is an
empowered generation that will positively impact their communities,
countries and the world.”

Peter Diamandis is taking the world’s most
difficult challenges and turning them into the world’s biggest business
opportunities. He is spawning entire economies, as a result of the
competitions, which have at their core  solutions to problems that
until now have been intractable. Talk about flipping a problem into a
set of circumstances that makes it possible to achieve something great!

How can you take a dilemma facing you this week and flip it into an
opportunity for a win-win?

Nothing is impossible; the word itself
says ‘I’m possible’!

Audrey Hepburn