In my work I am always talking to business
leaders preoccupied with the growing edge. Here is one thing the
most forward thinking have in common: they are continually focused
on understanding and serving their customers’ customers.

While many customers don’t have extra bandwidth right now, one
thing they all thinking about is how to do a better job of serving
their clients. When you
crack that nut, and do it well, they have time to listen. But,
it’s about more than getting their attention – though that is a
genuine achievement in and of itself. It’s about making sure they
prosper because that, after all, is in your best interest.

Here are six ways successful leaders help their patrons succeed by
getting to the next level of clientele:

  1. Identify the emerging trends that impact your customers’
    customers and help your clients use them to advantage.
  2. Take special note of disruptive changes. Then seek out
    successful entrepreneurs who have found ways to turn these to
    advantage and disseminate their best practices.
  3. Build a body of knowledge on innovation in your customers’
    customers field. Help your clients package and distribute it in
    ways that have genuine positive impact
  4. Provide solutions that incorporate participation all the way
    down the value chain, like Client Relationship Management programs
    that can be distributed from your organization to your customers
    and through to your their customers. This example generates value
    through sales, maintenance and, of course, through data mining of
    information that is expansive in reach.
  5. Choose visionaries and critical stakeholders and help them to
    tackle particular challenges they are facing. This is a highly
    customized, resource intensive approach that goes after the best
    and the brightest to help them succeed.
  6. Help the highest performers raise the bar – the best are always
    focused on getting better.

Your customers’ customers are one of your most valuable assets.
Put them to good use.

Driving Growth in a Sluggish Economy – next in my executive

Thurs, Dec. 9, 7:30-10:00 am at the Washington DC Board of

To RSVP, please visit the Events section of my

For the last two years I have been studying how leaders leverage
difficult times for growth and opportunity. I have been
particularly interested in understanding the unique opportunities a
challenging economy offers to increase penetration in the
marketplace, creating the foundation for real growth as things
begin to pick up again. This work has been driven by necessity as
many of my clients are facing these very circumstances. As a
result, the techniques I know about are those people are putting to
work. The session will move at a fast clip so I can cover all I
have identified for successfully using our challenging market to
achieve significant business growth.

100% of proceeds go to the
Columbia Lighthouse for the Blind and Visually

This is a very special executive presentation. I will have as my
guest a real mover and shaker in the DC business community, Tony
Cancelosi, CEO of Columbia Lighthouse for the Blind and Visually
Impaired. Tony has a string of successes in the private sector. If
you have ever used a live chat while ordering from a catalog
company, you have used technology Cancelosi developed as the CEO of
eStara. He also served as COO of Kee Systems, which you may
recognize as Sylvan Learning, now a public company.

Today Tony is working for the visually impaired in DC. Already he
has garnered millions in federal grant money, established programs
for vets, received funding from all metro counties, and will soon
be rolling out a mobile van unit. I am proud to be associated with
Tony and the Lighthouse. I serve on the advisory board. If you
attend my seminar, your registration fee will go directly to the
Lighthouse. There is no overhead, so your check can be made out
directly to Columbia Lighthouse. The cost is $250 for one, $500 for
three attendees.

A light breakfast will be served and there will be networking
7:30-8:00. My presentation, including some interaction with Tony
will be 8:00-9:45, with additional networking until 10:00. I hope
you will be able to join me.