1. Always be prepared to close down activity in
favor of more lucrative customer-centric programs.

2. Create a framework to evaluate all your activities that rates them
on (a) financial ROI and (b) member value. Use it to assess all your

3. Interview other leaders to determine what programs they run which
are worth replicating in your company.

4. Conduct a communication campaign for your board that explains how
you generate customer value and financial growth.

5. For every existing program brainstorm five ways you can make it more
valuable to your customers and another five ways to increase the profit
it generates. Pick those that satisfy both and implement.
6. Transfer the practices from your most successful program to the
others. Make this a habit.
7. Practice stating and explaining how you operate to achieve the best
possible results in both customer value and financial growth. Start
with your family – force yourself to speak in lay terms to start. Then
progressively explain to more and more sophisticated stakeholders.

8. Embark on an organization-wide program of continuous improvement.

9. When forced to take on a program that is less than optimal, find
ways to drive it toward customer value and financial growth.

10. Convene a group of thought leaders to dream up and design the best
possible set of offerings to place your organization at the forefront
of its field in both value provision and financial growth.


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