Everyone has a bag of tricks, special talents and
ideas you draw on when you’re up against the wall or need a little
something extra. What are yours?

Perhaps it’s your ability to think on your feet and a willingness to
step into the heat.
Or maybe it’s your capacity to think clearly under pressure and choose
the right course of action.
Or could it be your skill at preparation?  Good luck is when preparation meets

Take a minute and consider what some of your special talents are. 
Everybody has a trick or two up their sleeve. Now, here we are at the
beginning of another week. How can you harness that something extra for
your own behalf, to get the week started right?  Can you whip out
a little mojo and do something special today that turns this Monday
into something special that kicks off the week in the right direction?

Consider doing something remarkable today. Draw on your own magic to
generate the kind of sparks that ignite a fire to burn all week long.

“The most
powerful weapon on earth is the human soul on fire.”

— Field Marshal Ferdinand Foch

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