There is so much change in the world. Things are
changing all around us. Are you leaning into it or bracing yourself as
it pelts you?

My newly adopted 6-yr-old daughter, from India, seems bent on becoming
part of our family. Even as she was grieving the loss of her closest
friends in the orphanage she leaned on us, her new mommy and daddy, for
support.   I took her shopping for shoes the other day – from
her reaction I don’t believe she has ever worn socks or closed-toe
shoes of any kind. It took her about 12 hours to make up her mind.
Today it was shoes and socks all the way.

It may sound silly. From her point of view the stakes are high:
identity. She is leaning into her new world.

I spoke with the VP of a $126B company who was leaning headlong into
the turmoil changing his industry. He found a whole new line of revenue
that appeared to be completely outside his scope. But, it was
legitimate and with some nurturing turned into over a billion dollars
of profit while it simultaneously wielded a powerful advantage of the
competition, tying together his customers and their customers with his
strategy. It became a goldmine.

All this and I still find CEOs who wince at new trends, complain about
the disruption in the marketplace, turn away from new ideas while they
try and shore up the tried-and-true.  Yes, business fundamentals
are still in play – and always will be. However, the ways we interact
with customers are being forever transformed.

It’s time to take business innovation seriously. The stakes are high.
Are you part of tomorrow’s solutions or yesterday’s successes? There is
nothing like a good photo album and the opportunity to reminisce with
friends. But, don’t let that stop from you from leaning into the wind,
letting it fill your sails, and take you to new horizons.

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