Positioning your organization as the gold standard
means generating the revenue you need to provide maximum customer
value. My synergy zone shows how to make this possible.

Successful leaders are expert at locating their products and services
in this zone. The graphics below show where customer value and
financial growth overlap, distance or reinforce each other, and achieve

The chart is easily broken down into nine gradients that are a useful
assessment tool to determine which of your products and services are
taking you closer to the synergy between customer value & financial
growth that leads to market success, and which are neutral or taking
you away.
Seth Kahan's Synergy Zone

Seth Kahan's Synergy Zone Gradients

When you use these gradients as an assessment, it quickly becomes clear
which activities are in the organization’s best interest and which are

Vibrant, high performing organizations generate the resources they need
to carry out day-to-day operations, survive bumps, invest
opportunistically, and provide
what staff members need to be at their best.  Hence, they
systematically grow.

When an innovation succeeds, wherever it falls in the gradients,
successful leaders drive it into the my Synergy Zone (gradients 3-7).

The ultimate target is the bullseye (circled in orange). Successful
innovators corral activity into this magic space where financial growth
and customer value reinforce each other generating sustained growth.

My Upcoming

For CEOs:
Innovation that Drives Value Generation and Financial Growth
Oct 25 & Nov 15, 12:00-1:30, downtown Washington, DC, location to
be announced.
This 2-part symposium is limited to CEOs only. There is no charge for
participation. This is part of my larger effort to provide insight on
driving innovation that delivers on both member value and finance.
Expect to see a series of Fast Co pieces as well as some white papers
in the weeks ahead on this same topic. If you are interested in
attending or the white paper series, send me an email.

Independent Consultants:

JumpStarting Business – Getting Things Going Fast
Oct 28, 12:00-1:30, Chef Tony’s, 4926 St Elmo’s Ave, Bethesda, MD
This the 7th in my ongoing series to teach the techniques behind my
successful consulting practice. $15 charge covers a meal by Chef Tony.
Topics at this event include Getting Engagements Fast and Exactly What
to Do when Things are Slow, Click
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(Only Read This If You Know Me Personally And Are
Following My Life

Laura Ruchi & SethOur Indian adoption is a success! Laura and I traveled
safely in and out of New Delhi last week and brought our new 6-yr-old
daughter, Ruchi, home where she instantly began worshipping her big
brother, Gabe.

Everyone is
jet lagged and happy. For all details including pictures of the
orphanage our first meeting, visit http://www.photoblog.com/indiatrip