Activating an Ecosystem for Grand Challenge Success

Big, bold initiatives that tackle some of society’s wickedest problems are called Grand Challenges. Successful Grand Challenges rely on several elements, the most impactful being a large and diverse network of allies – an ecosystem.

The key to leading a large-scale change initiative is the ability to align players from multiple dimensions simultaneously around a common agenda. As a leader, it’s your job to activate this ecosystem, guiding everyone within it to find synergies.

Watch the video above for an example that draws upon my latest work with the Huntsman Mental Health Institute to eliminate the stigma surrounding mental health and substance use disorders nationwide.

In the video, I outline:

  • The role of the Backbone to a Grand Challenge
  • What a diverse and multi-dimensional ecosystem can look like
  • The impact of a well-connected and diverse ecosystem on grand challenges and change initiatives.

Click here to download the full report on activating an ecosystem for grand challenge success.

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