My son, Gabe, and I took our big dog, Sita, and went
into the wilds of Wisconsin where we were joined by our favorite river
rat, Alamo James, and his wolf-like creature, Lilly. The five of us
headed out onto the Wisconsin River under full moon light to begin a
series of adventures in the heart of CheeseLand.

escapades included catfish that caught themselves (they just rang a
bell attached to Alamo’s fishing poles when they were ready to be
reeled in),  a mischievous raccoon that stole one of our canoes
(fortunately it abandoned the boat shortly after launch and our vessel
wound up on a sandbar downstream), and paddling on the river around
midnight while 105# Sita shifted back and forth dramatically rocking
our boat.  All in all, it was the best time ever.


Life is either a great adventure or

Helen Keller