When you receive this I will be off the grid, on my
annual sojourn with my son. Every August he and I take one of our dogs
and head out for a week or so without any real plans. This year we are
headed toward Michigan and Wisconsin, but time will tell where we
actually end up.

father and sonHe is 16 this year, and has his Learner’s Permit. He has
to put in 60 hours of driving before he can get his Provisional Permit
– here in Maryland they make you put in a good deal of time behind the
wheel before they give you your license. The whole process takes
months. When I was 16 I lived in Indiana and since most kids there
started driving (tractors) around the age of 7, they pretty much just
threw a switch if you could pass your test. You went into the Bureau of
Motor Vehicles, took your test, and drove out!

Well, Gabriel will be putting on some miles. I am looking forward to
it. I like teaching him to drive. It can be a little hair-raising at
times, but it’s a rite of passage that I am pleased to participate in.

I expect our time together off the grid to be rich with conversation as
well as fruitful silence.

In the meantime, I am probably somewhere around the Great Lakes when
you read this, but not necessarily.

It doesn’t take money to turn off the
television and cultivate real bonding time.

Marianne Williamson