These are tough times, but this is what associations are made for. This is our chance to step up and serve our members when they need it the most.

I have been in touch with over 100 association executives and we’ve had the opportunity to identify the most important issues associations are facing today.

This Thursday, April 16 I am offering my first class, Leading During the Pandemic, which will be driven by the issues we have identified. This live session will run from 2-3:30 pm ET.

We will cover:

  1. Serving your members with professionalism and care
  2. Managing your own state of mind
  3. Maintaining readiness
  4. Inspiring and guiding the people around you
  5. Seeing through the chaos and prioritizing action

You can enroll here.

This course is designed for managers, directors, VPs, members of the executive team, and anyone who leads in today’s environment. It will be available on the web next week virtually for $150. The coming live session is discounted to $120. Additional 10% discount if you enroll multiple leaders.

I’ve also created, a webpage where I’ll share resources regarding leadership during the pandemic, including MP3s, videos, and infographics. All the resources I create will be stored there for your access.