week I was in Tampa with a group of colleagues. We meet every five
months or so to help each other with our business strategies, all
solopreneurs like myself with advanced practices.

Almost as soon as we gathered we created a visual that we called the Axis of
to describe our work at its best.  It
resides at the intersection of four attributes:

1. Practice – the application of our
2. Repetition
– doing our work over and over again
The above two work together to create the experience pool that breeds

3. Edge – the
frontier of innovation where it is impossible to practice because of
its novelty
4. Mindfulness
the state of being fully present and aware
The above duo calls on our best, devoid of expectation, fully focused
in the present moment.

Axis of Vulnerability

As practice and repetition go up, the ability to push the edge and
maintain mindfulness goes down. As pushing the edge and mindfulness
goes up, one leaves the realm of repeated application and moves more
and more into the moment.  The Axis
of Vulnerability
takes place where the forces cross over and
optimizes each, at the minimum expense of the others.  This is the
preferred place for an expert, to be fully present and at the same time
grounded in a vast repertoire of experience.

Where is your axis of vulnerability? The Axis of Vulnerability is a
model you can apply to artistry, relationships and personal mastery of
any type.

Only one who devotes himself to a cause
with his whole strength and soul can be a true master. For this reason
mastery demands all of a person. 

Albert Einstein