Just about the time this newsletter goes out, 3am
est, the snow is supposed to hit in earnest bringing us 5-9″ here in
Washington, DC. As it is a Monday the kids will have another day off
from school, an extension of the weekend. This is the next in a long
series of snows that have resulted in elongated and unplanned vacations
for school children.

Last time the snow hit it was at the end of a week, a Thursday and
Friday. It made the perfect bridge to the weekend, which was already
three days off because of a Monday holiday. Five days of recess turned
to six when Tuesday brought more snow. The children could not have been

I did a lot of restaurant work in college We observed the ebbs and
flows of customers. They came in surges and then emptied out leaving
our rooms vacant.   In life, there are often stretches when
things thin out and then, like these unplanned winter holidays and a
new influx of customers, luck seems to come in waves. How can you be
ready to take advantage when things move into favor and let go when
they dissipate? Wu wei.

Wu wei is a taoist principle. Translated it means doing by non-doing. A
more western translation is going
with the flow.
Take advantage of nature’s cycles. You get more
done with less effort.

What might you do this week to take advantage of what nature has
brought your way?
If you are in the DC area, it might be sledding down a hill with the
kids. 🙂

It was the nation
and the race dwelling all round the globe that had the lion’s heart. I
had the luck to be called upon to give the roar.

– Winston Churchill