I love music, but I don’t play. However, I am extremely fortunate to have married a true artist who writes, composes, and produces beautiful music: Laura Baron!

On Feb 28, she releases her next album, Breakfast with Buddha. And, COVID-19 notwithstanding, there will be a concert! This time it will be on YouTube. Click here to register, LauraBaronMusic.com, and she’ll send you all the details.

There is a song on this particular album that has carried me through tough times. The music is encompassing, so if you decide to listen to this piece (and you can do that here), I encourage you to do it when you can give yourself to the full 4 minutes.

These are some of my favorite words:

Storm clouds are blowing
The world’s shouting, No!
But when I look in your eyes
I see what’s inside
There’s a fire in your soul
No one can hold you
So just decide… and fly, fly fly…

This song is a superb pick-me-up for me when things don’t go my way, reaching deep into my soul and bringing me back to my life.

Beautiful music does that for me. What does it for you? How do you reclaim your agency when life deals hard knocks?

“From my porch to you! Swing it baby!“ – Laura Baron