New Class on Resilience – Coming Soon

Later this month I will announce a class, carrying CAE credit, which will teach individual, team, and organizational resilience. This is specifically to help association execs as we move forward, out of the pandemic, reimagining and rebuilding our organizations. The goal is to provide what you need for your own well-being as well as your organization’s.

I will be co-teaching the class with Leah Weiss, Ph.D., the principal teacher, and founding faculty member of the Stanford Graduate School of Business’s Compassion Cultivation Program, funded by the Dalai Lama. She is also the co-founder of Skylyte, a company that specializes in data-driven scalable solutions to burnout for organizations,

Participants in our class will:

  • Identify their individual resilience strengths and weaknesses
  • Learn about structural resilience in both teams and organizations
  • Receive tools and techniques they can immediately apply to their teams and association

Watch the video above to learn more and meet Leah!

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