When the fire engines crank up their sirens and go through our neighborhood, my German Shepherd, Sita, howls. And when she howls, we all howl. Before long our family has devolved into a pack from ancient times. Together we call out to the world.
My family has always been a bit neurotic when it comes to dogs. It’s not that they play an outsize role in our lives; that’s true for so many. It’s that we try to see the world through their eyes and join them there, which makes for occasional displays of strange part-dog part-human behavior.
It was passed down to my sisters and me from my parents. And all three of us have dogs, often more than one at a time. And the dogs readily achieve full family status. We meet them more than half-way.
What might be an area in your life where you meet the world more than half-way? Is there a special joy that lifts you day-after-day?  If so, now is the time to embrace it. As we all make our way through the tumultuous world, it’s good to have these treasures to carry our spirits along.

“Dogs and philosophers do the greatest good and get the fewest rewards.”
– Diogenes