pivot to action

It’s June 2020, and systemic racism has moved front and center on the national stage. Companies across the US, and activists globally, are making statements on the unacceptability of this penetrating fact.

The recent supreme court decision on LGBTQ+ workplace discrimination is a ray of light and reminder that that giant steps forward do take place. These same giant steps are possible for racial justice, but will require an intentional transformation by all of the players,

Now the question becomes, “What is an appropriate response?” As association executives, your organization must weigh in on this subject, but issuing a statement is not enough. Organizations must pivot to action, and while what that action may still be unclear, there are steps you can take to a better understanding.

In this video, I share my experience with understanding and pivoting to action. What I’ve learned is that when you open the door to understanding structural racism, you are in for a transformation. Allow yourself the room for the change that will take place, making it easier to see what it is we need to do next.

Each of us has a role to play. Don’t sit on the sidelines. Transform yourself and find out what it means to pivot to action.