Loving Life!

Cheers! My morning cup of coffee in one of my favorite mugs! Right now I am working on four Grand Challenges: big, bold goals that can make a powerful contribution

Dealing with Difficult People

Last week I led a session at the Department of Education as part of their program, Conversations about Leading. It was a wonderful experience, led by great professionals who cultivate

Trying New Things

That’s a grasshopper taco above. I never had one before, but it was on the menu so I gave it a try. Turned out to be crunchy. Not particularly tasty,

Celebrating Today!

So, my head is pointed, what else is new? That’s how I am sometimes… in the morning! I am raising a mug of coffee to you and the 1,000+ readers

Tying Knots

There are a number of hobbies I enjoy and knot tying is one. I practice this regularly, often carrying a small piece of paracord in my pocket. There was a

Civil Discourse

It’s a challenging time right now, with politics making it difficult for people talk across views. Our organizations can play an exemplary role, modeling civil discourse. I attended a meeting


I started this newsletter because I love Monday mornings, and almost no one else does, or so it would seem. (write me if you like Monday mornings, too – we

Remembering Martin Luther King, Jr

I am old enough to remember Martin Luther King, Jr, as an active agent in the evolution of our country. Today is the US national holiday to commemorate his birth.

Your Best Thinking

When I am working on an important project I find time to process my thoughts indirectly. This means I engage in other activities that I find enjoyable, which allow me