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I am in Madison, Wisconsin, where I lived from 3-5 years of age. Of course, the world looks different from a toddler’s point of view than an adult’s.  I remembered the Paul Bunyan (an American folk myth, for my non-US readers) murals in the student union, and especially the one where his dog is running …

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Juggling So Much!

Almost all of my clients and friends are always defending time for themselves. There is family, work (multiple projects), self-care and the need for downtime. Downtime is extremely important for processing everything else. That’s one reason we sleep, so the brain can reorganize and integrate. If people deprive themselves of too much sleep they first …

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Yesterday was Saraswathi puja. Puja is a form of Hindu worship and Saraswathi is the Hindu goddess of knowledge, music, art, wisdom, and learning. Since we brought our daughter, Ruchi, home from India over seven years ago, we have stepped up our participation in Hindu activities, and I love them! I particularly like Saraswathi puja. …

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Embracing Life

In my work, I have the golden opportunity to spend time with wonderful leaders. Some years ago, Paul Bellantone reached out to me to help with his organization’s strategic plan. Paul runs the Promotional Products Association International (PPAI). These are the men and women who make or sell the customized apparel, office supplies and everything …

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Follow Your Bliss

I knew I loved math, but didn’t realize I had a proclivity for it until I took my SAT in high school. Regardless, when I first arrived in college I had to take two remedial math classes that I did not receive credit for, because my high school failed to provide me with the education …

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I am fascinated with my dog Sita’s contributions to our family life. Yesterday my daughter and I took her to the park where we played with her, watched her cavort with other dogs, and generally enjoyed her company. That’s her above running toward me during our time together. The New York Times had this piece …

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changing your view

Changing Your View

One of my favorite books is Thomas Kuhn’s, The Structure of Scientific Revolutions. Kuhn dives into how new ways of thinking emerges. There’s a lot here, and it can be directly applied to any change project, including personal change. The author says that we tend to think of our current worldview as based on a …

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