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Disrupting Yourself

It’s hard to innovate when you have a good thing going. Today’s fast-moving market requires that you create new value for your customers before anyone else does. When looking for sore spots, ask yourself “what It would be like to be the next best that you could be.” Disrupt yourself. Don’t stop doing what Is …

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Mindful Meditation

Because of my work helping leaders who lead big, complex projects with multiple stakeholders, I have become increasingly interested in mindfulness as a helpful tool to improve and bolster the mental state, the leader’s most valuable asset. I first began my own mindfulness practice decades ago, but it lapsed and I didn’t begin it again …

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Successful Strategy – It’s a Social Thing

What you study in college typically has little correlation to what you end up pursuing afterwards. I was an extreme example. Majoring in math, I quickly took to the streets, performing improvisational theater. I culled together artists of all mediums with a mission to produce art that garnered audience participation. With patience I developed methodologies …

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You Rock!

Besides the fact that you read Monday Morning Mojo, there is concrete evidence that you are amazing – you freaking rock!  Here is just the tip of the iceberg: 1. You have never given up on the areas that are most important to you. You have persistence. 2. You see the big picture in your …

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Leadership: Leadership Transition Planning

Seth is a motivational speaker and keynote speaker. He uses storytelling and communication exercises to help build strong business communities and ignite positive organizational change. A Leadership Transition occurs when key members of the senior management team change, resulting in turnover of the know-how and experience required to ensure continuity and strategic success of the …

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