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I am fascinated with my dog Sita’s contributions to our family life. Yesterday my daughter and I took her to the park where we played with her, watched her cavort with other dogs, and generally enjoyed her company. That’s her above running toward me during our time together. The New York Times had this piece …

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changing your view

Changing Your View

One of my favorite books is Thomas Kuhn’s, The Structure of Scientific Revolutions. Kuhn dives into how new ways of thinking emerges. There’s a lot here, and it can be directly applied to any change project, including personal change. The author says that we tend to think of our current worldview as based on a …

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My Best Hack of 2018

Well, here it is: the day before 2019! There are so many things to be grateful for. I was thinking back over the year and asking myself, ‘What was the best new technique I learned this year to help me with my life?’ The answer came quickly. It was a morning meditation that I do …

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A Visit from St. Nicholas

This poem was called “arguably the best-known verses ever written by an American,” in the book, Gotham: A History of New York City to 1898, published in 1999. The authorship remains in dispute to this day as it was originally published anonymously and no one stepped forward until 14 years after it appeared. Most say …

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Hive of Helpers

Whenever there is an emergency a close friend of mine always reminds me to notice the helpers. The news focuses on the disaster, but in every video there are workers who are hustling around protecting children, saving animals, caring for the wounded, giving shelter to the homeless, feeding the victims. He points out to me …

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Carpe Annum 2019!

This is the time of year to prepare for 2019. Every December I pull out my project list for the previous two years and look at the momentum I have generated and ask myself what my big vision goals are for the year ahead. I love doing this because it creates momentum and excitement for …

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Working Together

During my time at the World Bank, we dove deep into what it takes to make things happen in the world, how experts translate their inner knowing into real-life impact. We discovered that when two or more people worked together on a common issue, all of the amazing and invisible interior know-how turned was turned …

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Creating a Social Movement

Organizations excel when the Board of Directors, leaders, partners, staff, and customers work together on a common objective. In other words, a social movement is created. But, can you deliberately foster one? Absolutely. And the work of Dr. Christina Economos shows us how. In 2001 she pulled together a team of researchers and took a deep look at what it took to turn the United States around 180°in four separate …

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It got cold fast here in DC. This morning it was below freezing. That’s me and my faithful companion, Sita, in the park around 06:45 today. I am always amazed by how she likes the cold. It’s her German blood, I am sure. Her breed is bred to work outdoors in the hills of Germany. …

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