So, my head is pointed, what else is new? That’s how I am sometimes… in the morning!

I am raising a mug of coffee to you and the 1,000+ readers who are working their way through this short missive as they start their week. I am grateful for you and the opportunity to write this newsletter. My heart captures a little joy every time one of you writes me back, which happens more often than you might guess.

All over the world, there are Monday Morning Mojo readers, but even better, there are people setting out to make the week the best it can be. I think a week is a wonderful unit of time, and I love beginning it.

This week I am thinking about all I can do to live more fully, provide assistance to the leaders who depend upon me, inspire and nurture my growing daughter and adult son, and be a good husband to my lovely wife, Laura.

What are you thinking about?

“I love Mondays. They are like opening a fresh box of chocolates where you get to pick from among all the flavors. Mondays are like opening a door to a party where you don’t know who you might meet. Like opening a novel and reading the first, captivating line. Mondays are full of promise that only requires that you just get on with it.” – Dr. Madelyn Blair