Unprecedented times call for unprecedented collaboration. I am committing, for the next 60 days, to help association leaders get through the COVID pandemic by providing many resources at no or reduced cost.

Here are four resources to get you started:

  1. Discussion List in Zoom Gatherings for Association CEOS – over 30 CEOs are asking questions, looking for support, and sharing best practices. Email me to join this list.
  2. Discussion List in Zoom for all Association Executives at all levels – over 40 executives are participating. Email me to join this group.
  3. COVIDLeadership.com – a growing collection of free resources related the addressing the COVID19 crisis including videos and PDFs.
  4. Online Visionary Leadership Academy – my regular 6-month course will be distilled to 1 and 2-hour online classes and available at drastically reduced rates.

All of my live events, including the Zoom gatherings, provide CAE credits.

Together, we will get through this and be on the other side stronger than before. We are being forced to take on new initiatives. The organizations we build through our adaptations will form the foundations of the associations of the future.