I was rereading the classic, 10 Natural Laws of
Successful Time and Life Management
, by Hyrum Smtih, and
came across this great passage:

stop thinking “time management” and start
thinking “event control.” Too often we think time management has
something to do with our watch. The only thing a watch tells you is how
long it takes the sun to go across the sky. That’s an event over which
we have no control. The real issue is: What events can I control?
Focusing on “event control” makes all the difference.

It kind of sent off a little signal as I was reading it, saying, This is important. But, the signal
wasn’t a big one and it quickly dissipated and ran into the past as I
kept reading. But, then, this morning my wife said to me when we were
getting out of bed, Create
personally powerful moments. These are what shapes your life in the
long run… personally powerful moments.
And it hit me that in
each moment I have the opportunity to turn whatever is happening into
something extraordinary, to generate some exceptional movement if only
I look at it that way.

So many moments seem ordinary, or even unnecessary: why am I standing here in this line, this
is taking too long, I want to get on to something meaningful.

But, each moment is pregnant with the possibility of something beyond
the ordinary, has the capacity to yield authentic greatness even in the
most mundane of situations.

What could you do with your events today? How can you turn each one
into a surge forward, an exceptional encounter, a beautiful result?

“What day
is it?”
It’s today,” squeaked Piglet.
My favorite day,” said Pooh.”

― A.A. Milne